Full-band jammers are turned on in the Guizhou examination room

Full-band jammers are turned on in the Guizhou examination room

Guizhou Province's 2023 college entrance examination will start on June 7. The Provincial Admissions and Examination Institute reminds candidates across the province to raise their awareness of prevention, beware of criminals' fraudulent behavior in the college entrance examination, and refrain from participating in and implementing cheating in the college entrance examination. During the college entrance examination, the full-band jammer of the anti-cheating equipment will be turned on throughout the whole process to ensure the fairness and justice of the examination room.

1. Selling college entrance examination questions and cheating devices is fraud

The college entrance examination is coming soon. Some criminals seize the psychology of some candidates and their parents, and defraud the candidates and their parents through the Internet or other means. I hope that the majority of candidates and parents will be more vigilant.

Be vigilant against criminals who sell false "college entrance examination questions" or "college entrance examination answers" to commit fraud. The college entrance examination papers are top-secret documents, and the management of the college entrance examination papers has strict methods and measures. Candidates and parents must be vigilant against criminals who sell false "college entrance examination questions" or "college entrance examination answers" to commit fraud and prevent being deceived.

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Be vigilant against lawbreakers selling college entrance examination cheating equipment for illegal profit. Some unscrupulous "businessmen" cater to the psychology of individual candidates and parents who want to take advantage of opportunities, and illegally seek profits by selling cheating devices for exams. Candidates for the college entrance examination in our province must use metal detectors and other strict security checks before entering the examination room, and are not allowed to bring any prohibited items into the examination room. At the same time, a full-band signal blocker was installed in the examination room of the college entrance examination, and external signals could not be received normally in the examination room. During the exam, the radio management department will carry out radio monitoring. Once the "cheater" emits radio waves, it will monitor the signal, turn on the full-band jammer to interfere and track, and cooperate with the public security and other departments to crack down severely.

Selling college entrance examination papers, answers, and so-called cheating equipment for college entrance examinations under the guise of high technology are mostly "traps" set up by taking advantage of the fluke psychology of students and parents. The purpose is to defraud money and make money. Be deceived.

2. Bringing false "test question answers" and cheating devices into the examination room violates the law

The "Measures for the Handling of Violations of National Educational Examinations" stipulates that bringing illegal items into the examination room and using prohibited equipment during the examination is cheating or violation of discipline, and the examination management department will deal with it according to the regulations.

The Criminal Law Amendment (9), which was officially implemented in November 2015, clarifies that those who organize cheating in national examinations such as general college entrance examinations and national postgraduate examinations shall be convicted and sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison. In this year's college entrance examination, if there is an organization to cheat in the exam or provide assistance to the organization of cheating in the exam, illegally sell or provide test questions and answers, take the exam on behalf of others, or let others take the exam instead, they will be punished by criminal law.

According to the newly revised Education Law that came into force on June 1 this year, candidates who illegally obtain test questions or answers in the national education test, carry or use cheating equipment and materials for the test, or plagiarize other people's answers will be replaced by others. Taking part in exams and other cheating behaviors will result in termination of continuing to take the exams; the educational exam institution that organizes the exams may cancel their relevant exam qualifications or exam results; if the circumstances are serious, the education administrative department shall order them to stop taking the relevant national education exams for not less than one year but not more than three years If a violation of public security management is constituted, the public security organ shall impose a public security management penalty according to law; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Candidates are requested not to bring false "test question answers" and cheating devices into the examination room, and do not organize and participate in various cheating activities in the exam, so as not to be severely punished by the law.

3. Integrity in the college entrance examination, creating an honest and harmonious examination environment

The college entrance examination is not only a test of cultural knowledge, but also a test of moral character. Cheating in the college entrance examination will not only be punished by laws and regulations, but also affect the individual's future and reputation, and it is also an extremely immoral behavior. Correct examination style and strict examination discipline are an important manifestation of the fairness of the college entrance examination, and it is also a manifestation of social fairness and honesty. It is hoped that the majority of candidates will clean up their lives, refuse to cheat, and be qualified social citizens.

The college entrance examination for integrity is also a touchstone for testing candidates' personal cultivation and overall quality. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, our province establishes integrity files for candidates. In addition to being severely punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, candidates’ cheating behaviors will also be recorded in their integrity files for inquiries by universities and even employers. It is hoped that candidates will consciously resist the bad atmosphere, keep a clean record, and leave no regrets.

This year, our province will further strengthen examination management. Departments of education, public security, and radio management at all levels have made full preparations to strictly implement the relevant regulations on the management of the examination room for the college entrance examination. Strictly check whether candidates are carrying mobile phones and other cheating devices, and open the entire frequency band throughout the process. Jammers, strict radio signal monitoring during the examination process, severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities related to the examination, and create a clean, honest and harmonious examination environment for all candidates.

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