How to install a mobile phone signal jammer?

How to install a mobile phone signal jammer?

Various environmental factors will cause the effectiveness of cell phone signal jammers to be reduced when used. In addition, the current choice of mobile phone signal jammers does not affect the technical nature of the growth (communication base stations). Although this will not endanger the mobile phone use of workers near the application, it also increases the environmental requirements of the mobile phone signal jammer. Now Jinyuda cell phone signal jammer teaches you how to test the nearby signal level detection.

How to use signal jammer

Take the masker server out of the packaging. Then take a quick look to see if any components are missing.

Tighten the antenna to the matching antenna base of each wireless channel, otherwise it will fail. Then check whether the jammer is an external antenna or a built-in antenna. If it is an external antenna, then the antenna needs to be screwed on to the device one by one according to the markings above, and then powered on for use; if it is a built-in antenna, plug it in immediately. Ready to use.

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Hang the shielding device on the wall or install it in the corresponding location. The best assembly height is 1-2 meters. Doing things this way can give full play to the effectiveness of the jammer.

After the above process is completed, turn on the power switch of the switching power supply. The work light in the switching power supply will light up, indicating that it has started working.

The method adopted may be based on the user manual of the jammer you purchased. The above is only briefly introduced in detail.

The use environment of signal jammer

1. When using the shield outdoors, you need to pay attention to moisture-proof

2. When the area used exceeds the reasonable shielding range, it is recommended to use several shielders and multiple tubes to assemble them to ensure the actual shielding effect.

Since the switching power supply and antenna are specially designed for server supporting facilities and are adjusted one-to-one at the factory, it is best not to exchange them to ensure the best effect.

3. Please avoid corrosive gases and liquids, and do a good job of anti-fouling and waterproofing to avoid accelerating the aging of the internal components of the equipment.

4. When placing it outdoors or in the countryside, you need to pay attention to adding protective equipment in the environment where rats, ants and other destructive small animals appear. 1. The assembly height of the shield is preferably no less than 1.8 meters from the road surface.

5. Install position spacing communication base station

6. Tighten the antenna before plugging in. The antenna must be upright (⊥). The data marked on the antenna must correspond to the data marked on the antenna hole in the server. It is not necessary to plug it in backwards, and it is not possible to connect the antenna at the same time. Power on the chassis.

7. The reasonable coverage area of the signal shielding device should be centered on the shielding device. Therefore, when using it, attention should be paid to the correct selection of the shielding device to prevent blind spots in the shielding.

8. The signal jammer for sale should be stored in a well-ventilated location, away from open objects as much as possible, and away from strong electromagnetic wave sources in strong heating systems, to ensure the shielding effect and long-term signal jammer operation. Stack other products and disassemble the antenna on top to avoid affecting the shielding effect and damaging the equipment.

9. When the signal jammer is not in use, the power should be cut off immediately to avoid endangering the normal use of the mobile phone.

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