How does a wifi signal jammer block wifi signals?

How does a wifi signal jammer block wifi signals?

Nowadays, information technology is developing rapidly, especially the rapid development of network technology in recent years. 5G network and wifi network have been derived. Most of the latest 5G and wifi network devices cannot effectively block and intercept, causing very big signal security problems. So is there a way to intercept the network using the latest wifi signal jammer? Well, how does a signal jammer for sale block wifi signals? First of all, we need to understand the technical characteristics and usage of shielding equipment.

Existing technical features of wifi signal jammer:

1. Leading level, effective interception, in line with the technical prevention regulations of national signal control;

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2. It can effectively block and isolate the 2G+3G+4G+5G and wifi mobile phone styles that have been opened and operated by all mobile/connected operators today. The IMSI number obtained by completing 5G in the covered area can be used for all telecommunications The mobile phone will be collected by the system and handed over to the telecom operator for permission management and control.

3. The new wifi signal jammer can already obtain the IMSI number through 4G, without disturbing people, without affecting the environment, and is low-carbon and environmentally friendly;

4. Which floor in that area has a mobile phone violation alarm, that is, the area shielding equipment is used. Not all equipment in the company's control area runs together, and it does not run 24 hours a day. Therefore, the shielding impact is very small, the time limit is very short, and it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. ;

WiFi signal jammer assembly and how to use it

1. When using the external wifi signal jammer with antenna, the letters in the antenna should be locked corresponding to the letters in the host, and then turn on the power.

2. The operation method of the wifi signal jammer with built-in antenna is even simpler. Just plug in the power immediately and turn on the switch.

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