How to choose the correct test room jammer?

How to choose the correct test room jammer?

As the end of the period approaches, major colleges and universities are preparing for the exam. According to past experience and problems, preventing "high-tech cheating" has become a top priority. Many schools choose special mobile phone signal jammers for exams to shield the signals in the exam room to prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat. So how to choose a test room wifi jammer to avoid unnecessary troubles?

1. Look at the actual shielding area on site. Because different types of test room jammers have different powers, the range of signal shielding in the test room is also different, so choose according to the size of the classroom.

2. Test the signal strength of the site. The actual signal strength may be related to the signal amplifier installed nearby. The effect of signal amplification and signal shielding in the examination room is opposite. It is best to turn off the signal amplification device when using the test room jammer. It is also possible that a nearby base station is affected to a certain extent. At this time, it is recommended to choose a high-power test room jammer to improve the signal shielding ability of the test room.

3. Differences in the types of jammers in the examination room. Different jammers have different parameters and different application environments. Be optimistic about the installation location in advance and choose a special mobile phone signal jammer for the exam to reduce uncertain factors and ensure a greater role.

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4. Detect the jammers in the examination room in advance. When choosing a special mobile phone signal jammer for the test, it is necessary to test the on-site shielding effect in advance, use several mobile phones of different brands and different operators, and try to use them at the edge of the signal shielding range of the test room.

5. Whether the jammers in the examination room are legitimate. Now there are many manufacturers of signal shielding in the examination room, and there is no guarantee in terms of effect or quality. Please choose a regular manufacturer when purchasing. If you really can't tell the difference, you can ask the manufacturer to produce the relevant test report of the jammer in the test room.

6. Types: Examination room jammers can be divided into different types, including electromagnetic jammers, sound jammers, and optical jammers. Different types are suitable for different occasions and purposes, and need to be selected according to the actual situation.

7. Efficacy: The efficacy of the jammer is one of the key factors to consider when choosing. It is necessary to ensure that the jammer can achieve the required interference effect without affecting other equipment and students in the examination room.

8. Price: Price is a factor to consider when considering buying an exam room jammer. While price may not be the most important thing, you need to make sure that the jammer you choose is reasonably priced and not overly expensive.

9. Use scenarios: Different test occasions have different requirements and restrictions. It is necessary to select a suitable jammer according to the actual usage scenario. For example, some examination rooms may have strict safety regulations, and jammers that meet relevant standards need to be selected.

10. Brand reputation: Brand reputation is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing a test room jammer. To choose a brand with a good brand reputation and professional technology can ensure that the jammers purchased can work stably and reliably while avoiding safety problems.

When purchasing a special mobile phone signal jammer for the test, repeatedly verify whether it meets the shielding requirements and whether it works stably for a long time in light of the current situation. The above is my summary of the test room jammer, I hope it can help everyone.

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