Examination room jammers help the examination room and prevent cheating

Examination room jammers help the examination room and prevent cheating

Cheating on exams has become a serious problem over the past few years. Despite the various measures many schools and testing agencies have taken, such as increased proctoring and the use of secure testing software, cheaters are always finding new ways to circumvent these measures. However, a new type of device that has emerged recently—the exam room cell phone blocker —may change that.

An exam jammer is a small device that jams all radio signals within a certain range. Schools can place these devices around the test room during exams to prevent candidates from cheating using wireless devices such as cell phones. A jammer can block all wireless transmissions within a certain range, so that students cannot obtain any information about the exam through their mobile phones or other wireless devices.

With the continuous development of the times, the use of mobile phones has brought a lot of convenience to life. At the same time, many people use mobile phones to commit illegal activities. Now that the final exam is getting closer, many schools are concentrating on preparing for the exam. Now only a mobile phone with Internet access can achieve the purpose of cheating. Therefore, in addition to organizing the invigilation of exam subjects, it is also necessary to maintain order in the exam room to prevent cheating. In order to avoid the phenomenon of cheating in exams, many schools have chosen to install special mobile phone signal jammers for exams. What are the advantages of the sudden test room jammer?

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1. From the perspective of installation, the test room jammer occupies a very small area, and it only needs to use the shielding range reasonably for installation. After turning on the special mobile phone signal jammer for the exam, it will not make a loud noise and will not interfere with the students' exams. Since the casing of the test room jammer is white, which matches the color of the walls of the test room, it is not easy to be found.

2. Judging from the use process, the test mobile phone signal jammer will not affect other electronic devices. The test room jammer mainly shields the mobile phone signal. Of course, the test room jammer can also shield according to the frequency band you choose. The test room jammer will only interrupt the connection between the mobile phone and the base station, and the test room jammer has a strict test report and will not affect people's health.

3. From the economic point of view, the shielding range of the special mobile phone signal screen for the test has a high coverage rate. Our company has considered the upgrade of 5G when designing the test room jammer. If you have purchased our company’s test room jammer, you only need to Adding modules can meet the requirements without additional design, which greatly reduces the cost.

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