How to achieve signal shielding with 5G signal jammer?

How to achieve signal shielding with 5G signal jammer?

Do you know how the 5G signal jammer achieves signal shielding in the examination room? Do you really know how shielding works? Let’s learn together:

1. During the working process, the low-end frequency of the channel was previously scanned at a certain speed. The message signal received by the mobile phone will produce garbled interference and cannot detect the normal data of the base station, making it impossible for the mobile phone to establish a connection with the base station, thus achieving the purpose of blocking the mobile phone signal.

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2. Use your own frequency to interfere with the frequency of mobile phone receiving base stations and wireless routers, thereby achieving the purpose of shielding.

3. Within a certain frequency range, connect the mobile phone and the base station through radio waves, and complete the transmission of data and sound through a certain baud rate and modulation. During operation, the rate scans to the high end of the channel at a certain speed.

4. The functional properties of electromagnetic waves depend on their frequency. Mobile phones must send electromagnetic waves that meet the requirements in order to connect to the communication operator's base station. The screen and phone emit the same radio frequency. Since the frequencies are the same, the mobile phone cannot distinguish which signal is the normal base station signal and completes the interference. The interference bands corresponding to the three signals are played repeatedly, covering three bands at a time, but the cycles are not very different, resulting in the mobile phone basically having no time to talk.

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