Application of mobile phone signal jammer

Application of mobile phone signal jammer

In recent years, a variety of cell phone signal blockers have emerged in an endless stream, which is dazzling, but in fact not all products are suitable for our use. Some products are publicly released and therefore have a very special shield that also appears before us. The name is called Cell Phone Jammer. What are the advantages? When using cell phone signal jammers, you will find that no matter where we are, you will not be able to find our wireless signal jammers. In other words, household products are far more visible than ordinary products. In this case, it is easy for us to block all signals, but if you are using a mobile phone signal jammer with the same characteristics, you need to understand the specific application effect.

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What are the application fields of signal jammers for cell phone? The following is the editor’s explanation of the application of mobile phone signal jammers:

1. Mobile phone signal jammers are used in examination rooms. They are mainly used in examination rooms, but are not limited to examination rooms, prisons, gas stations, mobile phone bombs, oil depots, liquefied gas stations, detention centers, interrogation rooms, courts, labor reform teams, conference rooms, theaters, and churches. , libraries, school dormitories, special safe places (machine rooms, negotiation rooms, activity rooms, mobile monitors, guards, etc.).

2. Targetedness is mainly applicable to college entrance examinations, domestic graduate entrance examinations, adult college entrance examinations, self-study school examinations, as well as technical secondary schools, technical secondary schools, vocational high schools, prisons, detention centers, conference rooms, etc. Applications such as phone deception, random text messaging, communication with executioners outside the prison, collusion with confessions, etc.

3.GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/WCDMA/WIFI/TD-LTE/FDD-LTE/FDD-LTE. The high-dispersion aluminum shell is used to reduce the operating temperature and make the shielding more stable. Built-in silent turbo fan, low operating noise.

4. The external antenna design and terminal interface are unified, and the appearance is more beautiful. It also adopts an anti-loosening design, and the antenna and host are marked with working frequency bands corresponding to each other.

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