How many of these 9 signal jammer problems have you encountered?

How many of these 9 signal jammer problems have you encountered?

1. Is it inconvenient to turn on and off uniformly?

When there are too many signal jammers for sale, they cannot be turned on and off in a centralized manner; even if the power plugs are laid out in a unified manner, full-time personnel are required to turn them on and off in a timely manner.

2. Is it not environmentally friendly and not conducive to the maintenance of machinery and equipment?

Implicitly leaving all the shields open for a long time is not good for environmental protection, energy saving, environmental protection, and equipment maintenance, and shortens the service life of equipment (such as industrial areas, canteens, warehouses, etc. at night There is no need to put your mobile phone in such places when there is no one around, the jammer will continue to run 24 hours a day);

3. Is it impossible to track and trace the entire process of turning off the jammer due to human factors? It is unknown which jammer was deliberately turned off due to human factors.

4. Is it inconvenient for classified operation or point-to-point operation?

wifi jammer

Unable to accurately sort or control timers from point to point

5. Is it impossible to know the working attitude and common faults of the jammer for wifi?

After all mobile phone signal blocking is turned on, managers cannot know in time whether the blocking is working properly.

6. Can’t the jammer be prevented from being intentionally damaged?

Managers cannot promptly judge and understand situations such as intentional damage, disconnection of switching power supply, etc. that endanger the normal operation of the mobile phone jammer.

7. After the jammer is broken, you can’t find the manufacturer for repair? Does it make you angry that the jammer is broken and you can’t repair it?

8. Is there any base station nearby and the shielding is incomplete?

There are base stations nearby that cannot be completely blocked, or are they affecting the base station signal signal?

9. Is the large conference room still using several small jammers to block it in different areas, causing the budget to exceed the budget? For a large conference room of 1,000 square meters, small jammers are used to block the area in different areas, causing the budget to exceed the budget?

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