New 10 Antenna Cell Phone WiFi Jammer


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The hand-held signal jammer is a high-tech product that our factory adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, according to the continuous development of communication standards, according to the actual situation of wireless communication at home and abroad; it can effectively screen (CDMA/GSM/DCS/2G/3G) /4G/5G/WIFI) and other wireless signals, and have no negative impact or interference on the communication and transmission of other electronic devices around. The machine can effectively shield the above wireless signals within a radius of 1-20 meters (depending on the strength of the on-site signal).

Instructions for use

1. Take out the device and antenna, and install the antenna according to the number.
2. The antenna must be installed before the switch is turned on; the indicator light is on, that is, it is working normally
3. Select the frequency band to be shielded through the side switch
4. The built-in battery of this machine can work for 2-3 hours. It can be charged by home charger or by car cigarette lighter.
5. Please fully charge the host before use, theoretically it needs to be fully charged for 4 hours (the charging indicator will automatically turn off when fully charged)
6. Support long-term work (in the state of charging, it can be used while charging)
7. The surface aluminum alloy heat conduction setting, the body heating is a normal phenomenon


1. All are composed of the latest SMD components and integrated circuits, easy to install and use, and stable in performance
2. The surface adopts the most advanced secondary oxidation treatment in the world, adopts aluminum shell, and has good heat dissipation
3. The effective shielding distance radius is 1-20 meters, and the interference radius still depends on the signal strength of a specific area
4. Each frequency band can be individually controlled on/off
4. There are obvious power indicator lights on the visible parts of the body
5. Cooling fan, can be directly used in car, car charger and AC charger
6. Easy to carry and concealed, low power consumption, no damage to human body and environmental protection


CDMA: 800MHz
WIFI: 2400MHz
GSM: 900MHz
4G/5G2: 2600MHz
DCS: 1800MHz
Wifi 5.8G
3G: 2000MHz
4G: 2300MHz
3G: 2100MHz
4G: 2600MHz
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The delivery was very fast.

The jammer works very well within the parameters.