GPS jammers use the same frequency as the radio

GPS jammers use the same frequency as the radio

Who is interested in cell phone jammer?
There are many potential buyers for mobile jammers. Such jammers are likely to quickly establish their own bans wherever you don't want to use cell phones: schools, churches, cinemas, and theaters, but some businesses and employers want to use portable cell phone jammers as well. The store may prevent customers from doing online price comparisons in the store.

The birth of cell phones has shortened the distance between people and made people's lives very comfortable. However, with the popularity of cell phones, people have finally reached the point where they never got off their phones, causing great harm to many occasions. As a result, the cell phone signal filter market followed.

Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System

GPS jammer or blockers are on the same radio frequency. The cell phone is intentionally sending signals, which disrupts communication between the phone and the cell phone base station. This effectively deactivates cell phones within the interference area and prevents them from being removed from the device if internet connections need to be blocked in locations around you. Then there is one thing you need to understand: the only way to block wired internet is by cutting the cable. However, other types of Internet (such as wireless networks supported by WLAN and Bluetooth connections) are susceptible to interference.

The nationwide promotion of cell phone signal shielding is actually a signal. The state and the government take action against fraud. However, certain fraudulent behavior cannot be detected in time. Hence, it is very scientific and reasonable to use this device for testing. This device has many advantages. It has a shielding function that can be adjusted depending on the time period. For example, between the start of the exam and the end of the exam, you can choose to continue work. If you stop working after the test is over, it can not only effectively prevent fraud but also not affect the normal use of the phone after the test.

The results show that this type of micro-interference technology can have local effects. This is an encouraging signal that brings us closer to the solution that will make our communities safer and help prevent criminal activity from continuing inside the prison walls.

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