Can jammers jam GPS signals at the same time?

Can jammers jam GPS signals at the same time?

When customers buy jammer signal, generally as long as there is no special instruction, the manufacturer’s default factory frequency band does not include the shielding module for GPS positioning signals. While shielding all mobile phone signal lights, GPS positioning signals can be shielded. Then, the manufacturer can add shielding modules of the GPS frequency band to the device in a targeted manner.

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Why is there no GPS frequency band in the default configuration of the low-power mobile phone signal jamming instrument? There are three main reasons: the first reason is that low-power mobile phone signal shielding instruments are almost always used in fixed indoor environments. The GPS signal itself in the indoor environment is very weak, or even there is no GPS signal. The function is also useless. The second reason is that the primary purpose of the low-power mobile phone signal shielding instrument is to shield the mobile phone signal. In order to reflect the shielding performance of the mobile phone signal as much as possible, the manufacturer's preferred solution is: the number of effective signal shielding modules, Allocate as many frequency bands as possible to mobile phone signals. The third reason is that in order to control the production cost of the mobile phone signal shielding instrument manufacturers, if a function is not required by the customer, then install one less module. After all, it can reduce some production costs and improve the performance of some mobile phone signal shielding instruments. Price advantage.

However, it needs to be reminded that today's GPS positioning signal is just a general term, and it does not specifically refer to the GPS navigation satellite signal of the United States. In fact, it should at least include China's Beidou, Europe's Galileo, and Russia's GLONASS, etc. etc. When GPS signal shielding modules are added to the satellite navigation and positioning systems of these multiple countries and types, they should all be able to effectively cover them.

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