Can the signal jammer's antenna switch modes quickly?

Can the signal jammer's antenna switch modes quickly?

In the application field of mobile phone signal jammers, if it is divided according to the coverage direction of the shielded signal, there are two basic classifications, namely: omnidirectional antenna coverage and directional antenna coverage. By default, the standard configuration of the low-power mobile phone signal blocker is an omnidirectional antenna, and the high-power shielding device will choose whether to use a directional antenna or an omnidirectional antenna according to the actual usage scenario. Some customers will ask questions: Can the two types of antennas be configured at the same time for the antenna in the mobile phone signal jammer, and can it be quickly switched to directional or omnidirectional when in use?

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The customer's idea seems simple, but it is not easy to realize it on the mobile phone signal jammer. During the transmission of radio frequency signals through radio frequency cables, it cannot be simply understood as circuit switching like electrical circuits. The switching of radio frequency signals requires a power divider or a dedicated radio frequency switch, but such a radio frequency switch has very few application scenarios, and there are very few devices to choose from. At the same time, there are two other reasons that limit the possibility of adopting Power switching method: The first reason is that after the RF signal has undergone a power switching switch, at least two RF interfaces for signal input and output will be added. Every time an RF interface is added, the RF signal will experience signal attenuation. This will cause the effective output power of the mobile phone signal jammer to be further reduced. The second reason is that each mobile phone signal jammer will include at least 10-12 signal shielding modules of different frequency bands, and each shielding module needs to correspond to a set of directional antennas or omnidirectional antennas. Switching function, then the output terminals of these 10-12 signal shielding modules must be respectively added with radio frequency switching switches, which will undoubtedly greatly increase the production cost of the mobile phone signal shielding device.

Based on the above analysis, it is not impossible to quickly switch the antenna of the mobile phone signal jammer to a directional or omnidirectional mode at the moment, but considering the comprehensive production cost, the customer's budget and the actual demand are not large, so each Manufacturers of mobile phone signal jammers have not invested energy to achieve such functional requirements.

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