After the advent of 5G, how should signal jammers be used?

After the advent of 5G, how should signal jammers be used?

The signal jammer is actually a miniature wireless shielding station. The working principle of the signal jammer is actually to cut off the connection between the signal of the base station and the target, playing a two-way blocking role.

Poor mobile phone signal has become a problem that people are most concerned and anxious about. Due to many environmental factors and the phenomenon of insufficient base station coverage, the quality of mobile phone signals has always been unsatisfactory. I believe many people have also heard of the popularization of many cell phone jammer. In weak signal areas, the signal can be enhanced by installing mobile phone signal amplifiers. What is the current development trend of 5G mobile phone signal jammers?

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1. 5G is here

After the issuance of 5G licenses, operators, equipment vendors, terminal vendors and other industry chain participants all said they were "ready." In order to cater to the big trend of 5G, major operators have made a lot of investment and will build 100,000 plus sites, and mobile phone jammers have also been changed. The changes of the three major operators have made the pace of 5G faster. If you want to follow the pace of the times, you must keep pace with the times, and signal jammers are no exception.

2. Signal jammer with higher power

Many people have a deep understanding that the signal of mobile phones is very bad indoors, and they cannot make and receive calls indoors, nor can they use the mobile network to surf the Internet. This phenomenon does not happen by accident in a certain house or a certain period of time, it is the same situation in an area. So the current signal jammers on the market cannot cover 5G signals, and more powerful signal jammers are needed. Research is already underway, and a more powerful signal jammer is about to be born, which will solve the problem of signal entry in a large area.

3. The volume of the signal jammer is changing

Current signal jammers are relatively large and have strong signal jamming capabilities, but they are not convenient to carry. Signal jammers with small size and large functions have appeared, and they can be carried with you as much as possible, so that you don't have to worry about being restricted in use.


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