The difference between 5G network and 4G network

The difference between 5G network and 4G network

The rapid development of science and technology has ushered in a brand new 5G network technology today. For 5G network technology, many people may not understand what a 5G network is and what impact this 5G network has on us. At the same time, it is similar to our mobile phones. What is the difference between the displayed 4G?

What is 5G network

In fact, this 5G represents that the mobile communication technology we currently use has developed to the fifth generation, that is, from the first generation to the fifth generation, it is equivalent to our Apple mobile phone, iPhone4 to the current iPhone11.

In fact, this 5G network is an upgraded version of the 4G network used by our mobile phones, which is the communication technology of the mobile phone network we use every day.

Features of 5G network

For the new generation of communication network technology, of course, there are many special features. The most obvious feature is that it is fast, very fast. It is far from comparable to the 4G network we are using now. For the 4G network, you may feel that it has Soon, watching a video, the TV doesn’t freeze much. The theoretical maximum speed of 4G should be 100Mbp/s if I remember correctly, and the speed of 5G network can reach 10Gbp/s, which is equivalent to a download speed of 1.25 What is the concept of Gb/s? When you watch a 1G movie, the buffer is over in an instant.

Another feature is the small delay of the 5G network. We may rarely find this delay phenomenon in daily use, but it can be tested using professional testing tools. The delay of the 4G network is about 30 Between -50ms, and the delay of 5G network is about 1ms, which shortens the delay by 30-50 times, so the real-time communication is very good. After playing games, you don’t need to be afraid of the high ping value. Up.

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The above describes what a 5G network is, and the differences between 5G and 4G networks are summarized as follows:

The speed difference, the 5G network speed is 100 times the current 4G network speed, upgraded from the original 100Mbp/s to 10Gbp/s; the delay difference, the 5G network shortens the network delay from 30-50ms of the original 4G network to 1ms; Carriers are different. This carrier refers to the mobile phones we use. Most of our current mobile phones use 4G networks and do not support 5G. Therefore, if you want to use 5G, you must change your mobile phone. The difference in data cost is that we are using 4G network now. 20G a month is enough for me, but if I switch to a 5G network and accidentally click on a movie, it will be buffered instantly. This is a bit scary. I am afraid that the data usage is too high. .

In any case, the development of science and technology is the right choice and the basis for human progress. We hope that 5G network technology can enter our lives as soon as possible.

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