A brief analysis of the comparison of the effect of the prison mobile phone shielding system

A brief analysis of the comparison of the effect of the prison mobile phone shielding system

(1) Ordinary shield

advantage :
1. Cheap
2. Simple technology

shortcoming :
(1) Interference with the surrounding
(2) Interference with the base station
(3) Unable to control
(4) Large interference
(5) Large radiation
(6) Short life.

Technical features: A large number of low-power signal jammer or high-power devices stay on simple technical solutions.

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(2) High-quality shielding


1. Moderate price
2, the actual effect is good
3. Small radiation
4. High reliability

1. No detection and positioning function
2. Easily misled and misunderstood
3. The slandered radiation is large, there are leaks, and there is interference

Technical features:

1. Adopt strong signal digital point frequency hopping technology, high efficiency, 150 times less radiation than ordinary shielding technology.

2. Outdoor shielding is mainly used to improve efficiency and reduce indoor radiation power by hundreds of times.

3. Multi-channel combining technology, full-frequency antenna replaces N frequency division antennas, suitable for wireless remote, laying the foundation for distributed antennas.

4. Distributed antenna technology, rationally distribute shielding power, spread the power signal, reduce antenna radiation, provide dozens of times of efficiency, and eliminate dead spots and leaks at the same time.

5. Jike's unique TD synchronization technology, for China Mobile's 3G (TD-SCDMA) and 4G (TD-LTE) networks, only the downlink pilot time slot is shielded, eliminating the interference to the base station, and obtaining mobile and radio management Commission approval, while reducing radiation dozens of times.

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