Drone Detector Individual UAV Early Warning Device


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Using self-developed low-power digital-analog hybrid receiver technology and advanced power tubes

technology, using an external ultra-wideband antenna, can be used for commonly used civilian drones including quadrotors,

Fixed-wing, DIY, flying machines, etc. can accurately realize sound, light, and vibration alarms, and at the same time

In the electromagnetic environment, the false alarm rate is extremely low.



High alarm sensitivity, low false alarm rate, small size, good protection

Device application:

Used to cooperate with portable UAV jamming equipment to make up for the untimely detection of UAVs during work

problem; it is used for the mobile duty of police officers and vehicles, and finds no one around at the first time



Technical Parameters

Working frequency band: 800~1500MHz, 2400~2485MHz, 5150~5950MHz

Identification type: DJI full series, Daotong full series, mainstream WiFi, 5.8GHz video transmission (FPV)

Equipment power supply: replaceable lithium battery

Battery life: 8 hours (dual battery)

Appearance size: 135×62×38mm (including antenna)

Working weight: 270g

Detection radius: 2000m (according to the electromagnetic intensity of the use environment)

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