What exactly does a GSM jammer do?

Friends who know GPS jammer know that there are not only GPS jammers but also GSM jammers. This article explains what GSM is.

What does GSM mobile phone mean: The popular belief is that GSM is a network system. Currently, China Mobile Unicom is GSM and China Telecom is CDMA. The Global System for Mobile Communications, commonly known as "Gotone", was developed in Europe for digital cellular network standards. It aims to enable global users to use cellular network standards and enable users to use cellular phones to travel the world. The GSM system includes GSM 900: 900 MHz, GSM 1800: 1800 MHz and GSM-1900 and 1900 MHz.
GSM cell phones use GSM cell phones. So far, cell phones mainly include GSM, CDMA and 3G. So far, these telephones have been included in the analog telephones of the first generation (1g), in the GSM, TDMA and in the telephones of the second generation. 3G cellular technology of telephone technology, 3G and third generation cellular technology.

GSM: GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication, also known as the Global System for Mobile Communication.

The frequency bands commonly used by Chinese cell phones mainly include CDMA1X and the 800 MHz frequency band of CDMA cell phones. GSM mobile phone occupies the frequency band 900/1800 / 1900MHz; GSM1X Dual-Mode occupies the 900 / 1800MHz frequency band for almost two years; 3G occupies the 900/1800/1900/2100 MHz frequency band.

The GSM system has several important functions: Kao anti-theft protection, large network capacity, better cell phone number resources, clear communication, strong stability, not easy to be disturbed by jammers, low information sensitivity, blind spots on calls and low power consumption. Currently, the two most important GSM systems in the world are GSM 900 and GSM 1800. Due to different frequencies, the applicable cell phones are also different. The former developed earlier and used more countries, while the latter developed later and used fewer countries. In terms of physical properties, the former has low frequency spectrum, long wavelength, low penetration but long transmission distance, while cell phones have high transmission power, high power consumption and high energy, so the standby time is short.

Therefore, because of its many important properties, the signal of the GSM network is not susceptible to communication interference, and it is generally possible to communicate normally in the area covered by the GSM network. If the GSM network around you is constantly calling, disturbing your peace and quiet, and wanting to disrupt your phone calls, this is almost impossible. If you use a general jammer, the effect may not be very good. However, if you use a GSM jammer specifically for GSM signals, you can easily turn off his mobile phone and there will be no noise on the phone. As one of the main sources of pollution in today's society, noise pollution has attracted more and more attention in society.

National government agencies strictly implement appropriate measures to prevent and control noise. There are also disobedient people who disrupt people's lives with noise, so there are cell phone jammers.

The digital GSM mobile phone is scanned before transmission over the wireless channel. It's not as annoying as an analog cellphone, so the voice is clear and delicate when you speak. However, since it is a digital voice, the voice will be somewhat distorted.

The voice distortion from cell phones is better than that from digital GSM phones. Currently, relevant departments are studying more advanced digital speech coding technology to reduce speech distortion from GSM cellular phones.