Payment Process

Note: The following payment process applies to the second payment method: Credit card payment.

Welcome to topsignaljammer, we are a company specializing in the production and sales of signal jammers, providing you with professional products and services.

Regarding payment, we currently support viss/master credit card payment, and temporarily do not support PayPal; the following is our payment process, it is recommended that you read this page before purchasing to improve the payment success rate, thank you for your support.

1. Click to pay "buy it now"


2. Fill in the relevant information to ensure that the information filled in is correct; if you participate in our promotional activities, you can fill in the discount code to enjoy the corresponding discount; then click "Continue to shipping"

3. Select the logistics channel, we have free logistics channels as well as paid logistics channels for fast shipping.

4. Click "Complete order"

5. After arriving at the order completion page, wait 6-7s to pop up the credit card number filling window, fill in the card number to pay for the order.

6. Fill in the credit card number.

7. Our bank will process it for you after receiving your payment order.

Note: Since the order is a cross-border transaction, it may be judged as "high risk" and "unauthorized" by your bank. The transaction was unsuccessful. This is because your bank did not release the transaction and the order payment failed. Therefore, we recommend that you contact and inform your bank to release recent transactions after placing an order for purchase, which can avoid some high-risk and unauthorized situations in advance, so that we can successfully debit. If you would like to pay using Paypal please contact us.