Is there an example of installing and using a WiFi signal blocker?

I've been wanting to buy a wifi jammer that can fit in my bedroom, but I haven't used it and haven't made up my mind yet. Are there any examples of applications for WiFi jammers?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

1. Project Background

A few days ago, topsignaljammer received news from a middle school in Guangdong. In order to ensure that candidates have a good test environment and prevent cheating by using modern communication tools, the school wants to do a series of signal shielding work for the high school entrance examination room. The middle school conducts preliminary testing work.

2. Project Analysis

1. The school plans to set the classroom on the third floor as the examination room for the senior high school entrance examination. There are four classrooms on the first floor, and a total of 12 classrooms need to be shielded;

2. There is a mobile signal base station around the school, and it is very smooth to use mobile phones in the classroom;

3. Each classroom is about 50 square meters. We have formulated a ten-channel wifi jammer for the school, which can shield 2345G and WiFi signals.