Is it risky to use a cell phone signal blocker?

In many countries, the law prohibits the use of jammers by the rest of the population except government departments. Is it risky to use such devices privately?

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

Chinese law clearly stipulates that social organizations are not allowed to install or use cell phone jammer without going through legal procedures. The main contents are as follows: The radio interference device transmits the same-frequency radio signal wider than the frequency band of GSM900mHz and DCS1800mHz of mobile communication, which blocks the incoming and outgoing calls of mobile phones within a certain range, disturbs the order of radio waves, and seriously violates the legal rights of mobile phone users. Freedom of communication must be stopped in accordance with the law. Radio management agencies at all levels should take decisive measures to resolutely stop the illegal development, production and use of radio interference equipment, and protect the normal use of legally established radio stations (stations). The development and production of radio interference equipment should be taken from the source, and the illegal development and production should be resolutely stopped; users who use radio interference equipment without authorization should be punished for setting up a station without authorization and interfering with radio services.