How to prevent being located by satellites in the sky?

Hello, I suddenly have an idea, satellites are rotating over our heads every day, and they send signals to the earth every day to navigate and provide positioning services for us. How can I prevent satellite positioning?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

GPS satellite positioning system is the most commonly used satellite positioning system in the world, which can realize functions such as vehicle tracking, route navigation, information inquiry, call command, and emergency assistance. GPS satellite positioning system has added a lot of convenience to our life, but at the same time, it has also caused some troubles, and these troubles even threaten the personal safety of individuals.

For example, a car mortgage company temporarily gains control of the car after releasing the money to the original owner. In order to prevent the vehicle from being secretly stolen by the original owner, such a company will purchase a GPS jammer, install it in the parking lot where the vehicle is stored, and install it in the car. It is installed on the top, so that the original owner cannot locate the vehicle, thus protecting the property safety. On the other hand, when you buy such a mortgage vehicle from a mortgage car company, you will inevitably worry about the safety after purchasing the car. Will someone install a locator on the car? Will the car be driven away in the middle of the night after the car is parked? Therefore, in order to protect property safety, car buyers will also buy a monopoly GPS signal jammer.