How do I turn off my neighbor's TV broadcast? It's so loud it upsets me.

Hello everyone, my neighbor's TV is very loud and makes me irritable, how can I stop him?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

Almost everyone wouldn't bother to walk to change TV channels if the remote didn't respond, preferring instead to change the theme of their activity to something else like reading a book. Using a wifi jammer will affect the remote control of the TV and stop the function, just like the wifi jammer blocks the data transmission and GPS system, interfering with its frequency band and making it unable to work normally. , but the bandwidth is narrow, so at a very close distance, it may have stronger anti-interference, but as the distance is properly opened, for example, after the two are separated by more than a few meters, the interference effect of the signal jammer is very obvious. The farther the two are, the more obvious the interference effect of the signal jammer will be.