Will it have an effect on WIFI whilst the use of a cell telephone signal jammer?

Will it have an effect on WIFI whilst the use of a cell telephone signal jammer?

In our existence, we often use mobile smartphone jamme, and whilst we use cell telephone signal jammer, it's far inevitable to have this kind of question: Will the use of mobile telephone sign jammers block wifi? Let's discover collectively :

The defensive frequency bands of cell phone sign jammers are usually:

CDMA frequency band transmit frequency 869-894MHz

GSM frequency band transmission frequency 925-960MHz

DCS band transmit frequency 1805-1880MHz

PHS band transmit frequency 1900-1990MHz

3G(TDSCDMA,WCDMA) 2010-2025 MHz, 2110-2170 MHz

WIFI transmission frequency 2400-2485MHZ

4G transmission frequency 2300-2390MHZ

4G transmission frequency 2555-2565MHZ

Desktop High Power GSM 3G 4G 5G Jammer Blocking WiFi GPS Lojack

If the jammer incorporates 2400-2485MHZ, then the two.4G wifi may be blocked. If the jammer includes the 5.8G shielded frequency band, the five.8G wifi band may be blocked. In widespread, the sign jammer does now not include 5.8G. Wifi frequency band. The 5.8G wifi band can't be blocked.

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