WiFi jammer phone base station

WiFi jammer phone base station

Voyeur detector whose telephone signal is harmful to the human body Can the telephone signal be harmful to the human body or telephone?

Make sure that the signal jammer of the mobile phone has a very weak electromagnetic signal strength, please rest assured that the test data shows that this signal strength is far from harming the human body. At the same time, the signal jammer of the mobile phone blocks only the forward signal of the phone, so the wifi jammer phone cannot connect to the base station and the phone itself is not damaged. Is there a difference in the distance used between mobile phone signals and outdoor devices? Yes.

The effective distance of a mobile phone signal jammer (30-40 meters) generally refers to indoor distance. In open outdoor areas, the effective distance of the shield up to hundreds of meters. It should be noted that the effective distance of the shield, whether indoors or outdoors, is related to general environmental conditions such as distance from the base station and location. Therefore, the use of mobile phone signal jammers requires careful consideration of this factor in order to avoid blocking blind spots, which affects the shielding effect.

Handheld 3 band GSM 3G GPS shielding jammer

GSM mobile phone and CDMA mobile phone Jammer's mobile phone signal jammer has the same effect?

The question is OK. Since the anti-jamming performance of CDMA mobile phones is much better than GSM mobile phones, mobile phone signal jammers for the shielding distance of CDMA mobile phones are smaller than GSM mobile phones, but the difference is about 20-40 meters. is not. However, if necessary, you need to increase the number of mobile phone signal jammers to ensure the jamming effect of jammer CDMA phones, which attracts the user's attention in some particularly important places.

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