Why do churches need cell phone wifi jammers?

Why do churches need cell phone wifi jammers?

Imagine a situation where there is an important event in the church, such as preaching, chorus, prayer or baptism, when everyone is focusing on the event itself, the phone is very loud and the reception is very sharp.

Even if the priest asked people to turn off their phones, the situation could not change at all, and the clanking at the funeral continued. It actually destroys the atmosphere and makes these activities feel uncertain. Worship or sacred or planned spaces such as mosques, stupas, synagogues and temples, where this has happened in other similar situations.

With the help of cell phone wifi jammer, this state can now be completely changed for the better.

* Cell phone wifi signal blocker can block cell phone wifi signal in a specific area as a customer who needs it.

12 Antennas 2G 3G 4G Signal Jammer For WiFi GPS LOJACK 30Watt

* We customize jammer frequencies for different countries s 2g 3g 4g 5g and wifi networks for different devices from 1 to 18 channels.

* The range also has 100-150 square meters, 150-200 square meters, 300-500 square meters with different types, such as handheld, and even larger, so wall mounted desktop, large fixed type customized.

*Don't worry, we won't provide our clients and blind corners with a complete solution to cover the bona fide area.

10 Antenna Channel WiFi 2G 3G 4G 5G Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Better and more suitable for patrolling small spaces such as small rooms or network blockers.

Long-term: radius 20-50 meters, diameter 40-100 meters

11 channel high power 150W WiFi mobile phone signal jammer mobile shield

Concise shape is 50-100 meters long

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