What is the shield range of signal interference on mobile phones?

What is the shield range of signal interference on mobile phones?

First type: Within a narrow range of 0-10 meters, an area of ​​up to 120 square meters. Low power mobile jammer. The shielding effect depends on the distance between the location and the base station, and the shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field. A handheld 4-way and 6-terminal mobile phone signal jammer is recommended. A low power shield that passes through the wall weakens the signal. If you need to go through a wall, it is not recommended to buy a low power one.

Second type: There are no base stations within 1km. One within 120 square meters is enough. For 120-250 square meters, we recommend two. We recommend installing one in a large conference room within 150 square meters, two in 250 square meters, and four in 600 square meters. Installing three or more units in one area creates a honeycomb shield effect.

Third type: How many meters a jammer can shield depends not only on its own transmission power, but also on the distance of the base station in the environment (the base station is a large transmission built on the ground). Not only on the tower, but also on the rooftop) Signal amplification antennas and signal amplification distribution in some buildings) Another important factor is obstacles. For metallic materials it will be blocked directly. For solid reinforced concrete walls, it attenuates at least 10 times after penetration.

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Fourth type: Magnetic field signal strength. If the magnetic field is weak, 1 classroom in 2.5 classrooms, if 10 classrooms are continuous, 3 classrooms in the passage, if the magnetic field is strong, the base station within 500 meters, the base station within 300 meters, the base station within 200 meters , There is a base station within 100 meters. The base station has a base station on the roof, and depending on the situation, the stronger the magnetic field, the more it is necessary to install a signal jammer for mobile phones.

Therefore, when installing a cell phone blockers, you must first understand the surrounding environment and where it will be used before deciding what type of gps blocker to buy. If you don't know, please contact us by email.

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