Wave jammers in French penal institutions

Wave jammers in French penal institutions

The problem of wave jammers in French criminal institutions is frequently in the news. Based on videos of detainees posted on the internet or in the media of elected officials. The issue was raised by the deputy mayor of Brienne-le-Château last week when the National Assembly reviewed the anti-terrorism bill.

Nicolas Dhuicq again urged the interior minister to install jammers in French prisons, especially the central prison, to prevent telephone communications: "We have some recent examples, especially in Clairvaux, of people coming to tinker with modern means of communication", confirms an elected official.
Fofana Incident

What's really going on inside Auboise's central residence? Before 2016, the agency was equipped with "ineffective" jammers, as was the case in many French prisons, according to a member of the FO coalition.

One event will change everything. In March 2016, barbarian gang leader Youssouf Fofana, who was being held in Clairvaux at the time, posted several videos taken from his cell on the internet. This case makes a lot of noise. Under pressure, the prison administration conducted a large-scale search of the center. Four WiFi jammers Unearthed cellphones, including an iPhone 6s, a USB key and an SD memory card, allow specially guarded detainees to communicate with the outside world. Computers they legally own are censored, and surveys reveal a lot of internet connections.

In the process, a more powerful jammer was installed in the factory: "This created a certain tension. The detainees tried to burn the jammers, making them unusable," noted a Force Ouvrière union member. The detainee's anger led some to say the system appeared to be working: "Of course, agents can still find cell phones, especially in new detainees, but less than before. This shows that the jammers are working. For us, It's an asset. We're still chasing laptops, but it's no longer a priority. I just hope the prison administration will update with new technology in the future," the FO member noted. "Unfortunately, the prison administration did not expand these GSM jammers in all prisons, just because of the price", insists regional representative Frédéric Stoll.

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not a quick fix

When asked, Clairvaux plant supervisor Dominic Bruno described the jammers as "an element that makes employees feel comfortable." Even if he admits that the technical tool "doesn't solve every problem". In fact, if prisoners can no longer easily transmit information directly over the network, they can always record the video on a chip or USB key and leak the video through the visiting room.
Despite the most sophisticated tools, prisons are never 100% watertight.

Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM): The digital recording of radio signals and retransmission after modification in order to distort information such as position, speed, or distance received by high-power jammers.

One of the practical uses of these systems involves gsm jammers and the uses they can be used for intelligence purposes.

A true wave jammer is defined as a device that can end almost any type of conversation inside your phone. Mainly due to the increasing availability of cell phone customers, you will also find more and more abuse issues such as privacy and infidelity to college exams. Signal Jammer will also begin to be used to disrupt communications due to robbers and insurgents, unfortunately the effect is that they are banned and then violently treated. There are indeed portable jammers that are designed to prevent specific outputs of mobile device functionality by triggering the explosion of a terrorist's improvised explosive device (IED).

Does every outfit in UK Interceptor need a phone? As British soldiers dealt with all coalition forces in addition to fighting Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, they knew this potential in armed explosions. British authorities are aware that terrorists often use mobile phones because makeshift controllers cause explosions. In light of the August 7, 2005, London bus bombings, criminal enterprises across the country seem to be looking for any excuse for car jammers to engage prisoners in marketing and sales communications that could lead to no breaks for themselves. However, UK Children and Our Privileged Advice showcases its investigation into an alleged widespread use of cellular car jammers.

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