The promotion of high-tech cells - phone jammers

The promotion of high-tech cells - phone jammers

Following Manuel Valls' announcement the day after the Charlie Hebdo attack, Christiane Taubira released yesterday a report entitled "Justice Against Terrorism" (PDF) plan outline. A total of 181 million euros should be released over the next three years, including 110 million euros from 2015. The prison administration will therefore benefit from an envelope of 43 million euros, part of which will be used for the “promotion of high-tech cells with “phone jammers”. However, Place Vendôme did not provide a timetable for its deployment.

According to AFP, the Seal Keeper explained that the new device, designed by Thales, has just been tested in the Île-de-France. These will prove to be more effective than the cheap wifi jammer used so far, as their areas of application will be more targeted.

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How to Make a Cell Phone Jammer

Last month, the justice minister reaffirmed, through his answers to parliamentary questions, that there were significant limitations, "especially technical", with the jamming devices currently in use. Indeed, Christiane Taubira explains, "The rapid development of communication technology can quickly render some of the equipment already in place obsolete, and jammers that cover large areas do not meet health standards. Moreover, in addition to the health restrictions, if car radio waves interfere The power of the device is significantly increased and the risk of interfering with communications outside the prison facility is very high, so despite the inconvenience to citizens who live in or near the prison facility, the prison administration would go beyond the regulations and thus be outlawed". Not to mention The "very expensive" deployment of these jammers...

It should be noted that in addition to these jammers, computer scientists and "digital surveillance and control specialists" will be recruited, but no further details are available.

The pilot will be able to breathe. On March 11, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation filed a complaint against X because aircraft approaching Lyon-Blanc airport found their radio navigation systems were frequently interfered with by sources of signal interference from the neighboring town of Vaulx-en-Velin.

This proved to be quite problematic, as the planes could no longer line up properly on the landing strip.

With the assistance of two technicians from the National Frequency Agency, the police managed to determine that the jamming signal came from a company truck parked in Chemin de la Godille in Vaulx-en-Velin.

A 50-year-old man from the company, who lives in Rive-de-Gier in the Loire, was arrested Thursday morning and explained to police that he bought a jammer two years ago. He boots frequently to prevent employers from finding his equipment. The person will be summoned by the court in September next year.

. The cell phone jammer was so powerful that it had too much feedback behind the antenna, covering the area outside the prison. The solution is as follows,

have. The output power should be adjusted to prevent cell phone jammers from covering the frontal area. Therefore, we recommend that jammer users also inquire about the technical parameters of the antenna from the supplier. Suppliers will provide qualified antennas prior to purchase. Cell phone jammers require a good front-to-rear ratio of the antenna to reduce the coverage of the rear antenna.

b. If the output power adjustment and the provided antenna still cannot meet the requirements, you can reserve some height for the antenna to be raised when designing the antenna installation. Therefore, once you have installed the antenna to a certain height, adjust the angle of the antenna so that the GSM jammer does not cover the outdoor prison area from the back of the antenna to avoid communication interference to the residence.

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