The National Security Agency also uses signal jamming devices

The National Security Agency also uses signal jamming devices

The phone showed more human interference to prevent prisoners from communicating in prison. The Johannesburg-People's Congress (Cope) called on prison services on Thursday to urgently implement the use of cell phone blocker in South African prisons. Local media reported that Nigerian television promoter Timothy Omotoso was imprisoned for being raped at St. Albans Prison in Port Elizabeth and allowed to hold a video conference to announce his independence.

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The department has begun investigating Omotoso's allegations of preference. A recent assault operation at Johannesburg Central Prison found many mobile phones under various banned items, including dangerous weapons and narcotics, in prison cells, according to a direct report from the African News Agency in December. I did. Corp spokesman Dennis Bloom said the party was definitely informed that it would be beneficial to have a cell phone in prison because prisoners could freely communicate with the outside world.

The use of mobile phones allows criminal groups and drug dealers to engage in illegal activities in prison cells. He states: "The large number of mobile phones in our prisons is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no doubt that mobile phones can be found in every prison." "I don't understand why correction services are difficult to install this technology." "When prisoners use mobile phones, criminals can use mobile phones to attack witnesses, victims, local managers, as well as law enforcement and judicial personnel. Removing and locking the phone is essential for the well-being of society, "Bloom said, science asks the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Corrections on this issue. Michael Masta held an emergency meeting. In a 2016 presidential speech on the state of the country, the Ministry of National Security activated signal jammer in parliament for security reasons, preventing the media from reporting to parliament, as well as mobile phones and internet signals. I did.

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