Inexpensive mobile phone jammer system

Inexpensive mobile phone jammer system

Learn how to protect your mobile jammer. Before cleaning, plug in the electronic information protection of the power plug. Do not wipe the electronic information protection with a wet cloth, and do not use the electronic information protection cleaning solution. The shell does not protect electronic information in water or humid places, to prevent water ingress and moisture into the electronic information protection unit, the shell not only lives with too much dust, but also small jammer communication Ensure a clean electronic information protection work environment that may cause electrostatic adsorption, which may cause damage.

Electromagnetic environment requirements Electronic information protection systems, the effects of interference on can be affected by external interference. You should be careful for this purpose! The AC socket wifi jammer should be PGNDed to a single-phase three-wire power socket, filter circuit so that the AC power system unit can effectively filter the interference power. Remote radio transmission, protection of electronic information from radar stations, high frequency devices. Electronic information protector The heat is very small and take a natural way of cooling. It ventilates the protection around the vent, the electronic information protection 10 cm gap, do not put the stakes to keep the smooth flow of electronic information.

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Check the protection of electronic information, electromagnetic wave cover can operate normally with the correct voltage. Working voltage with electronic information protection Do not open the cabinet, the voltage of the labeled device!

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