Increased number of thefts from parked vehicles

Increased number of thefts from parked vehicles

The Lucerne police have been receiving reports of stolen vehicles for about two weeks. The perpetrators primarily target cash, valuables and electronic devices. Police are advising motorists to ensure they are properly locked when leaving the car.

Lucerne police warn of theft from parked cars. Over a dozen reports have been filed in Emmen/Emmenbrücke in the past two weeks. The behavior of the authors is very different. For example, items from parked convertibles are stolen. Some thefts were committed from unlocked vehicles. In some cases, it cannot be excluded that jammers were used.

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In most cases, perpetrators target cash, valuables, bags, and electronics that are visibly in the car and therefore easy prey.

The police advise the following:
Do not leave valuables, ID cards, cash, bank cards or electronic devices in the car. Supposedly safe hiding places, such as the glove compartment or the trunk, are also searched. Always lock the car, even during short absences. Even if the car is in a supposedly safe place, like behind the house or a garage. Side or roof windows should also always be completely closed when you are away. If possible, the roof rack should also be locked. After leaving the car, make sure it is properly locked. Authors can block the GSM signal from a radio remote control using a signal jammer. Please report any suspicious sightings immediately to the Lucerne police via the emergency number 117. For example, if people sneak into parked cars or tamper with them.

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