How to Install a Handheld Car Phone Jammer

How to Install a Handheld Car Phone Jammer

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1. Product description

Handheld car phone signal jammers are broadband jamming signals to cell phones with frequencies of 870 to 880 MHz, 930 to 960 MHz, 1805 to 1920 MHz, 2010 to 2145 MHz, 2400 to 2500 MHz, 2300 to 2370 MHZ, 2555 to 2655 MHZ (Not including the operating frequency of the uplink such as GSM, DCS, PCS, 4G, etc.).

It can cut off base station and cell phone radio signals like 2.4Ghz signals. Then, zone pack phones are generally not used as a signal jamming effect.

Car phone signal jammers work easily because they interfere with phone signals in different environments and at different ranges depending on the size of the portable.

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2. Installation

A. Remove the interferon from the box

B. Rotate each antenna to the correct position of the cell phone signal jammer, otherwise it will not work

C. The optimum burst height is 1 to 1.8 meters for wall mounting of phone jammers

D. First connect the 5V input of the AC adapter to the jammer and plug the adapter into the socket

E. Start working when the symptom light is on

3. Pay attention

A. The customer must turn the antenna to the correct position of the jammer and turn it on

B. In order to avoid dead ends, the customer should place the signal blocker in the correct position and in a good direction. Brings the effective padding into the circular area centered on the jammer.

C. The telephone signal isolator should also be placed in a well-ventilated place, which can prevent it from electromagnetic interference by a strong heat source, thus playing a good role in protection and signal interference.

D. The customer shall not superimpose other purposes under the antenna to interfere or damage the telephone signal while the antenna is working, as this will affect the effect of plugging in or damaging the jammer.

E. When not using the car mobile phone signal jammer, turn off the power to avoid the normal use of the mobile phone

F. Pay attention to the waterproof problem when the car phone jammer is used outdoors

G. When the expected jamming area is larger than one jammer, multiple units can be used to install jammers to ensure effective packing.

H. The original AC adapter and antenna of accessories can help achieve the best filling effect

1. Ensure that the car phone jammer is dust-proof, away from moisture-proof corrosive gases or liquids, so as to avoid the aging of internal electronic components

J. When the car phone signal jammer is installed outdoors, make a defense device for it to prevent it from being harmed by animals such as mice and ants.

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