Face recognition is abused, how to protect face information in the age of technology

Face recognition is abused, how to protect face information in the age of technology

"Swipe your face" to pay when shopping, "swipe your face" to unlock when you use your mobile phone, "swipe your face" to open the door when you enter the community, and "swipe your face" to enter the station when you take the high-speed rail... Nowadays, more and more things can "swipe your face". Face recognition technology is being abused while serving life.

Recent reports show that people have suffered privacy or property losses due to the leakage and abuse of facial information. So is our face information safe in the era of "face-sweeping"?

1. How did the face recognition leak?

1. On some online trading platforms, you can buy thousands of face photos for only 2 yuan, and the price tag of more than 5,000 face photos is less than 10 yuan. The material library of the business is full of personal private photos such as real life photos and selfies.

2. If the face photos of personal information fall into the hands of criminals, the owner of the photo may not only encounter precision fraud and suffer property losses, but also may be used for money laundering, gang-related crimes and other illegal crimes due to their own face information. Activity.

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2. What are the risks of face recognition?

1. The cyberspace is at risk of being attacked by hackers. Technically, it has been possible to remotely use the face of others for identity authentication. Hackers can complete face authentication without your facial biometric data.

2. The potential safety hazards are duplication and instability. People are exposed to the outside every day. A facial feature can be obtained by taking pictures and copied. In addition, heavy makeup on the face, allergies, injuries, and plastic surgery can cause great changes in facial features, affecting the accuracy of face recognition or even failing to recognize.

3. With the development of artificial headgear, full-body projection, and face tracking technology, the cost of face recognition attacks in the future will be greatly reduced, resulting in a large number of hacking attacks, and criminals will break the system by forging face recognition and steal secrets information.

3. How to protect face information?

1. In our daily life, we should use face information with caution. Even if we use software to take pictures, we should choose software that can be monitored. News about personal information leakage in the era of big data is common. Cautionary use and cautious uploading are our own information security. The first line of defense.

2. It is recommended to use less public information to "surf" on the Internet. Sharing life is a manifestation of human society, but we must tighten a string to prevent criminals from taking advantage of it.

With the development of science and technology, the application of face recognition in social security, financial payment and other fields has made our lives safer and more convenient. However, communication signals are also inseparable. Without a stable and smooth mobile phone signal, financial payments, mobile Internet access, shopping, and games cannot be realized.

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