Distractions from reading smartphone screens are dangerous

Distractions from reading smartphone screens are dangerous

Home automation is making more and more progress, and that's a good thing.

However, many are considering the available perimeter and volume detection modules as the primary alarm smartphone jammer system and adding the word "safety" to home automation.

Far from saying I'm an expert on property security, but I do have some experience in the field, and I'm the first to stress not mixing "rags and towels" and home automation every time. and alerts are two distinct fields.

I'm not the only one who is shocked (with humor) and driving the debate on this kind of discussion, I see more and more on dedicated forums.

Are you one of the drivers who use your cell phone while driving? Probably because the number of people using such digital tools while driving in France is growing rapidly. Obviously, it's worth remembering that the distraction caused by reading a smartphone screen is dangerous and has been the cause of so many accidents in recent years that road safety is starting to worry about it.

Manufacturers aren't left out either, with Nissan coming up with a concept called "Signal Shield". It is a storage compartment in the armrest with a cage to block phone signals (bluetooth, wifi and cellular). But why use this system when the driver can simply turn off or put the phone in airplane mode? Nissan's Cell Phone Jammer Cheap responded that it provides an option for a motorist who doesn't necessarily feel obligated to turn off his device.

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There is currently no launch date for the device.

For the tests at the end of the primary cycle exams, which will be held this Wednesday, the State Department of Education will instruct education directors to take the necessary steps to install on-board GPS jammer and mobile phone transmission relays near test centres. However, the Supervision Minister recently assured that her department did not take these extreme measures on exam day. It must be believed that the presumption of cheating is also important for children aged 10 to 11, i.e. candidates for the 5th year primary exam, even if it is at a lower rate than candidates for the BEM and bachelor's degree exams. Despite preventive measures in many cities, education directors are encouraging parents to confiscate their children's phones. "Having a mobile phone with you during the exam, even if it's not in use, is considered an attempt to cheat, so candidates will be immediately excluded from the exam," insists the DE of Boumerdès.

All you need is a toaster with multiple heating powers.
Then I ported an SFR SIM to the toaster's timer system. When it reaches a certain heating threshold, the SIM card sends a pulse to the toaster motor, which then transmits the pulse to a 3-meter radius as an interfering wave at a cellular phone wave frequency. Installed on a loop power system coupled to the car engine to create a critical filter/jammer for use inside the vehicle only
more than enough.

I'll be selling this project to a major car company soon, and then I'll be dealing with the movie theater division to win the contract to equip the movie theater with the system.

If the auto industry doesn't follow me in automatically equipping all vehicles in this project, I'll let you know when I start production and put the product on the market.

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