Will the mobile phone signal jammer affect the signal of other floors?

Will the mobile phone signal jammer affect the signal of other floors?

The cell phone signal jammer is a device that can shield radio signals. It can shield radio signals such as mobile phones, wireless networks, and GPS within a certain range, so as to achieve confidentiality, anti-eavesdropping, anti-cheating and other purposes. In schools, prisons, detention centers and other places, mobile phone signal jammers are widely used to prevent criminals from using mobile phones to communicate and ensure public safety. However, jammers are also used in some special companies or confidential meeting rooms.

For example, in an office building, a company wants to install a mobile phone signal jammer in the office to prevent employees from playing mobile phones during working hours because employees play with mobile phones during working hours, which seriously affects work efficiency. But I was worried that installing a signal jammer in the office would affect the office work on other floors of the company. For this situation, we need to understand the working principle and influencing factors of the mobile phone signal jammer.

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When the mobile phone works, it connects with the base station through radio waves within a certain range to transmit data. However, the full-band jammer forms garbled code interference during the working process, so that the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data of the base station, so it cannot connect to the base station. In fact, the shielding effect of the signal jammer is mainly affected by the power of the jammer itself, the distance from the nearby signal base station, and whether there are obstacles. Like ordinary low-power jammers, there is a certain installation requirement for height. Because of wrong installation, the transmission power will be weakened by some obstacles, thus affecting the shielding effect.

Moreover, most mobile phone signal jammers are not recommended to be used through walls, mainly because the shielding effect will be greatly reduced after passing through a layer of cement wall. The reinforced concrete structure between floors has a strong weakening effect on the signal, so the impact of the jammer on other floors will be very small. If the signal of other floors is affected, the influence can be reduced by adjusting the transmission power of the mobile phone signal jammer and installing a directional antenna.

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