How effective are UAV signal jammers against traversing aircraft?

How effective are UAV signal jammers against traversing aircraft?

The drone signal jammer is used as a signal counter equipment, which is fast, effective and clean when attacking drones. However, now that the "traversing aircraft" has begun to be updated and iterated, and has even been put into actual combat use in the military conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, customers have thus raised questions: How effective is the UAV signal jammer against the traversing aircraft? Can it still perform as well as a conventional drone?

What is a "traveling machine"? In fact, the traversing machine itself is a branch of drones. Compared with the commercial UAVs we are familiar with, the traversing drone is relatively lacking in the function of autonomous cruising, but its most obvious feature is its simple structure. Many players buy structural components or modules by themselves, assemble them freely, or privately Change performance parameters, etc. And its flying speed is very fast, the fastest speed can even reach 120km/h-230km/h, which is difficult for common commercial drones to achieve. Faced with this kind of traversing machine with outstanding personality and some special technical parameters, what kind of countermeasures can drone signal jammers play?

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As I said before: even though the traversing machine has more special features, it is still only a type of drone, and some people even think that it is not qualified to be called a drone, and prefer to refer to it as a drone. Divided into the category of "aircraft model". In any case, the traversing machine basically has no autonomous cruising capability, and it is mainly based on the player's proficiency in operating the remote control to realize remote control of it. Since it is necessary to operate by remote control, it remains the same. Remote control operation must use wireless signal communication. The wireless frequency used by flight control signals and image transmission signals is the same as that of common commercial drones. are detected by UAV signal jammers, so, from this point of view, the crossing machine is not special in facing UAV signal jammers, and will not escape the detection capability of UAV signal jammers outside.

In terms of countermeasures and attack methods after the traversing aircraft is discovered or identified, even if the traversing aircraft has the ability to fly at high speed, as long as the signal interference frequency band in the UAV signal jammer can fully cover the possible use of the traversing aircraft The frequency band of the image transmission and flight control signals, coupled with the interference signal of sufficient strength, then there is no need to worry about the effect of the UAV signal jammer on the traversing aircraft.

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