Why is it controversial to install a full-band shielding device in the school dormitory area?

Why is it controversial to install a full-band shielding device in the school dormitory area?

Students think that the freedom of communication is limited, the school explained four considerations in detail, and the dormitory has fixed phones

"The school has installed a full-band shielding device on every floor of the dormitory. There is no mobile phone signal in the dormitory, so it is impossible to contact the outside world in time." A netizen who did not want to be named sent the above message to the Zaobao reporter online, complaining about the restriction of a middle school in Jinjiang. Their communication is free, and the mobile phone has become a decoration. The reporter went to verify the report yesterday.

It is very inconvenient not to be able to use mobile phones in the student dormitory

Around 11:00 am yesterday, the reporter came to interview at the gate of the middle school. A senior high school girl confirmed netizens' complaints. She said: "The dormitory building is equipped with a full-band shielding device. As long as you return to the dormitory after class, your mobile phone will have no signal." The cousin who came to pick her up said: "Her mobile phone often has no signal, and there is no way to contact her in time. People, if something is really urgent, you have to tell the security guard, and then pass it through the security guard."

Xiao Su, who is in the second grade of junior high school, also said that the dormitory building in the high school is indeed equipped with a full-band shielding device, but the junior high school has not installed it, but she heard that the junior high school will also install a full-band shielding device in the future.

Several high school boys further revealed that the school installed the full-band shielding device in the second semester of last year, and the full-band shielding device was installed in their dormitory building. If you want to make a phone call, you have to use the dormitory phone." When the reporter asked if they had a mobile phone, a boy shouted: "No signal, it's useless to have a mobile phone!"

The reporter followed several boys to the high school boys' dormitory building. In the dormitory on the second floor, a boy led the reporter to find the full-band shielding device in the corridor. Then the reporter tried to dial a few calls with his mobile phone in the corridor, and the call went through. "The full-band shielding device is sometimes on, sometimes off, maybe it's not on now." The boys said.

A boy said: "The full-band shielding device gives people a headache, and three or four students have this feeling."

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The school has carefully considered and consulted in advance

The relevant person in charge of the middle school told reporters that the school installed the full-band shielding device after careful consideration. There are four main considerations.

The first consideration is that some students will send messages to each other through mobile phones during the exam, and even check the composition on the Internet to plagiarize. It is hoped that installing a full-band shielding device can prevent candidates from using mobile phones to cheat.

The second is that after class or evening self-study, many students will lie in bed and surf the Internet. However, there are a lot of bad information on the Internet, which is not good for students' growth and learning.

The third reason is that some students will send text messages and make phone calls to fall in love after evening self-study and before going to bed, which will affect their studies the next day. They are already high school students and are in a critical period.

Fourth, during the period after the lights are turned off for evening self-study, students lie in bed and do various activities on their mobile phones, and the student administrator cannot control the students.

The person in charge said that in view of the above factors, the school chose to turn on the full-band jamming device to block mobile phone signals at noon and after the evening self-study lights are turned off, "these two are out of the monitoring line of sight", and the full-band jamming device is turned off at other times . He said that the school also considered not affecting the connection between students and parents, so the coverage of the full-band shielding device was reduced, and it was only installed in the dormitory building. "It will not affect the contact with the school. There are fixed phones in the dormitories, as well as IC card phones, etc., and it will not affect the communication between students and teachers."

Before installing the full-band shielding device, the school did some investigation first. The person in charge said, "The school sent a letter to the parents, and many parents supported this approach." In addition, the school also held a mobilization meeting for the students. Most of the students were in favor of it, and only a small number of students had opinions.

As for some students, the full-band shielding instrument will cause headaches. The person in charge said that there is currently no scientific basis to explain that the jammer can cause headaches, and the school will ask experts to investigate. If experts determine that there is an impact, the school should make adjustments, "everything must be based on the interests of students."

Parents understand that the school's practice of not installing a full-band shielding device is indulgence

The reporter interviewed several parents at random, and most parents expressed their understanding of the school's approach.

Parents of students who support the school's approach believe that most mobile phones have games and Internet functions. If students are addicted to games and Internet access, it will affect their rest and prevent them from concentrating on their studies. Nowadays, there are all kinds of information on the Internet, and there is no shortage of some bad information. Frequent reading of this information has a very bad influence on children. It is necessary for schools to install a full-band shielding device to shield mobile phone information, which is conducive to protecting students.

They believe that the main task of children is to study, and if they need to contact family or friends, the telephones in the dormitory and campus are enough for them to use. They believe that excessive use of mobile phones is a waste of time, and mobile phones also provide convenience for puppy love. The school does not install a full-band blocking device to block mobile phone information, which makes them more indulgent.

Some parents also expressed different opinions. "The current high school students are seventeen or eighteen years old, and they are already independent. Will installing a full-band shielding device affect their freedom of communication?" Ms. Zhang, a student's parent, thinks, "Students learn on their own initiative, and the school's approach may be unilateral. 'wishful thinking', restricting students' use of mobile phones does not necessarily allow them to study with peace of mind."

Education sector:

Protect students' physical and mental health

More reasonable than "confiscating" your phone

Regarding this matter, Zhuang Yingduan, director of the Jinjiang Education Bureau, said that the use of mobile phones during break time is not conducive to rest, and some bad information on mobile phones will also have an adverse impact on their physical and mental health. Students are physically and mentally healthy.

He said that mobile phones are not the only tool for students to communicate with the outside world. The school installs landline phones in the student dormitories, and there are also magnetic card phones on the campus. These phones ensure the students' external contact. Turning on the full-band signal blocker to block mobile phone information at a specific time is generally beneficial to children's rest and study, and most parents and teachers support this. It is understandable for students to raise different opinions. The school can publicize more to students and explain more to parents. When they know that this is conducive to protecting the healthy growth of students, they will give understanding and support. Schools in other regions also have similar management measures, such as "confiscating" mobile phones, storing mobile phones, etc. Compared with these measures, blocking mobile phone information is more practical.

The lawyer said:

No absolute freedom of communication

normal management behavior

Lawyer Zhang Chuanjiang, a member of Zaobao's legal advisory group, believes that from the school's specific practices, the school's installation of a full-band shielding device to shield mobile phones is a normal management behavior and does not violate relevant regulations. The school has installed landline telephones in each dormitory, and there are also magnetic card phones on campus. These tools can provide channels for students to communicate with the outside world, without affecting the students' right to communicate, and will not affect the contact between parents and students.

No freedom is absolute, and there is no absolute freedom of communication. In fact, it is a management method of many schools not to allow students to use mobile phones or not to allow students to bring mobile phones into the campus, and it does not violate relevant education laws and regulations. Properly regulate the use of mobile phones by students, which is conducive to their learning and growth.

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