Why do exams need to install an exam room jammer?

Why do exams need to install an exam room jammer?

Examinations are a test of students' knowledge reserves and ability to cope with stress, so schools and examination institutions will take various measures to ensure the fairness and seriousness of the examinations. One of the measures is to install test room jammers.

The test room jammer is a device that can block wireless signals, which can effectively prevent candidates from cheating by using mobile phones or other electronic devices in the exam. Modern electronic devices can communicate through wireless networks, and the test room jammer can block these signals, so as to prevent candidates from using wireless devices to obtain external information or contact the outside world, thereby maintaining the fairness of the test.

Every year in the exam, in order to prevent exam candidates from using electronic devices to cheat, nearly almost all schools will install mobile phone signal jammers in the exam room. In addition, due to the installation of test room jammers, in order to ensure the signal problems near the test site, some operators, in addition to shielding the signal at the test site, expand the base station signal to ensure the communication needs of nearby residents as much as possible. A radio monitor is installed outside the test room to monitor wireless signals of unknown frequency bands inside and outside the test room.

Use a high-frequency (waveform) signal to cover the usual communication signals. Of course, there are many normal signals. The general mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room will also use multi-segment signals. When using the mobile phone normally, connect to the network first, and the mobile phone is the first to connect to the signal of the nearby base station. The mobile phone and the base station receive wireless signals from each other, so that they can communicate normally. Once the test room jammer is turned on, it is equivalent to opening a small blind area under the large-scale signal coverage of the base station, so that there is no signal in this area. Of course, the mobile phone cannot receive the signal from the base station and cut off the connection with the base station. The main performance is that there is no network for searching, no signal for calling, and naturally it cannot communicate in this area. The frequency bands used by the current test room jammers are relatively complete. The frequencies of the three operators, such as China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, cover all the frequencies from the previous 2G to the current 5G. The test room jammers also use a certain speed after startup. Scanning completely interferes with the mobile phone from low to high, making the information received by the mobile phone into garbled characters. The mobile phone wifi jammer in the examination room uses this principle until today.

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In addition, the test room jammer can also prevent people outside the test room from interfering with the test, such as through remote control or transmission of information. It can protect the confidentiality of the test content and ensure the reliability and fairness of the test results.

Although the test room jammer can prevent cheating to a certain extent, students should abide by the principle of integrity during the test and must not use any illegal means to obtain results. Cheating will not only undermine the fairness of the exam, but also affect one's own moral character and future development. Therefore, we should have an honest attitude, respect the examination system, cherish learning opportunities, and strive to improve our learning level.

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