What's the matter with the red light of the mobile phone signal blocker?

What's the matter with the red light of the mobile phone signal blocker?

Several Problems Commonly Encountered in Field Installation of signal blocker.

First, the antenna is not tightened

If Tianxin is not tightened, the main symptoms of the phenomenon are: some frequencies cannot be shielded. If this symptom occurs in the field installation, please check whether the antenna is tightened first.

1. The key points of antenna tightening: Since the antenna is composed of two movable parts (1 is the short connector; 2 is the antenna rod), the lower part of the antenna short connector should be tightened by hand during installation.

2. Wrong antenna connection: There are 4 antennas in each set of products, namely 800MHZ (Unicom); 900MHZ (Mobile); 1800MHZ (Great Intelligence); The frequency interface must be consistent, and cannot be connected incorrectly.

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Second, the installed
There may be 3 reasons for this to happen:

1. Poor contact of the power cord

2. The diode indicator light is broken

3. The power supply itself is broken. The criterion for judgment is to see whether the green light of the power supply is on. If it is not on, the power supply itself is broken.

Map 5. There are some symptoms that the signal is not blocked. The reasons may be as follows:

1. Antenna pairing error

2. The antenna interface is not tightened

3. There is a signal displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, which is a false signal (this phenomenon mainly occurs on Samsung and Nokia mobile phones), in fact, the signal has been blocked.

4. There may be a problem with the shield itself.

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