What signals can a 5G signal jammer block?

What signals can a 5G signal jammer block?

5G signal blocker is mainly used to shield or interfere with the signal transmission of 5G network. Specifically, it can block or affect signals in the 5G frequency band, including the following major frequency bands:

Sub-6 GHz band: The Sub-6 GHz band for 5G includes low-frequency signals, typically between 600 MHz and 6 GHz. These frequency bands provide wide area coverage and better penetration capabilities. 5G signal jammers can be used to block signal transmission in these low frequency bands.

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mmWave band: 5G’s mmWave band is a high-frequency band of signals, usually between 24 GHz and 100 GHz. These frequency bands offer higher data transmission rates but have a relatively short range. 5G signal jammers can also be used to shield these high-frequency band signals.

It should be noted that different 5G signal jammers may have different frequency band ranges and support. Before purchasing or using a signal jammer, it is best to refer to the specifications and instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you choose a product that is suitable for the frequency band you need to block.

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