What should be paid attention to when using a police jammer

What should be paid attention to when using a police jammer

The EOD jammer, also known as the police signal jammer, is mainly used in the EOD scene of some remote-controlled bombs, as well as in some special tasks such as the arrest of suspects. The jammer can be divided into, Various types, tow box, vehicle and knapsack. These three types of jammers are also different in use, and each has its own advantages.

Before using the tow box type EOD jammer, it is necessary to confirm whether the built-in battery has electricity. It is best to charge the tow box type jammer after the previous task is performed until the battery is fully charged for the next execution. During the detonation task, avoid the equipment not reaching the normal working time because the battery is not fully charged.

Before the box-type police jammer is turned on, it is necessary to match the antennas of the radio frequency modules of each frequency corresponding to the signal frequencies, and fully tighten them to avoid virtual connections, otherwise the jammer module will not be able to output normally, resulting in module failure.

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For the vehicle-mounted EOD jammer, before the jammer module is powered on, the antenna on the roof needs to be raised. The jammer uses an omnidirectional antenna, and the best effect can be achieved only when the antenna is perpendicular to the ground.

The vehicle-mounted police jammer needs to charge the power compensation battery from time to time when it is not used for a long time. When charging the battery, you only need to start the vehicle and turn on the power to generate electricity.

For the backpack-type jammer, it is also necessary to repeatedly tighten the corresponding antennas of different frequency bands before turning on the device, otherwise it will seriously affect the jamming effect and even cause the jamming module to fail. Because of its simple operation and flexible use, it can be applied to various occasions and has a wide range of applications, and can be used as individual soldier equipment.

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