After the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, will it affect the campus broadcast and how to deal with it?

After the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, will it affect the campus broadcast and how to deal with it?

At present, the day when colleges and universities will hold the CET-4 and CET-6 exams is getting closer and closer. We all know that generally larger or important exams are basically equipped with mobile phone signal jammers and must be turned on during the exam. In the CET-4 and CET-6 tests, the listening test will be conducted first, and the campus radio will be used in the listening test. However, after the mobile phone signal shielding device is turned on, the school testers will feedback that the radio will be more or less disturbed. So many people will ask, why the campus broadcast is interfered by the mobile phone signal jammer, and how to deal with it?

The frequency band used for campus broadcasting is the wireless signal from the low frequency band of 88MHz-108MHz, and campus broadcasting only needs to cover the entire university, and does not require the propagation distance to be too far, so the transmission power of general campus broadcasting transmitters is not large. So the signal is relatively weak, and it is more than enough to cover the entire campus without interference.

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The signal frequency emitted by the mobile phone signal shielding device is the same as the signal frequency used by the mobile phone, and there is no frequency band that is repeated or similar to the campus broadcast. Therefore, in theory, after the cell phone jammer is turned on, it will not cause any interference to the campus broadcast. But at present, after the mobile phone jammer is turned on, it will raise the bottom noise near the jammer to a certain extent within a certain range. If the radio is too close to the jammer, the raised bottom noise is very likely to transmit the signal from the campus broadcast. Submerged, when the radio receiving the campus radio frequency will be jammed.

The campus broadcast transmitter can also adjust the transmission frequency of the broadcast signal. Using the transmission frequency of different frequency bands, the interference situation is also different. You can try to adjust the transmission frequency of the campus broadcast transmitter, and then test to find out the interference to the campus broadcast radio. The smallest frequency band is used for signal transmission. If this method still can't solve the interference problem, then you can only turn off the cell phone signal jammer during the listening test, and then turn on the cell phone jammer after the listening test is over.

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