What is WiFi Jammer and Bluetooth Jammer?

What is WiFi Jammer and Bluetooth Jammer?

First, let's take a look at how WiFi and Bluetooth work. WiFi and Bluetooth is a kind of wireless device that supports data exchange over short distances using the 2.4G frequency band commonly. For family, this is also extremely convenient, with WiFi can be reduced for spending flow, you can browse the web and watch video anytime, anywhere. For cell phone enthusiasts, there is no pressure at all. WiFi is cheaper for large businesses because it allows multiple systems to be connected to a single connection. We admit that WiFi or bluetooth create great convenience for people who need to use them to send information and files. However, this also creates a lot of problems.

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The first problem concerns security. By using WiFi and Bluetooth technology, it is very possible that your privacy of highly secret documents will be attacked by the hacker, because WiFi and bluethooth have low capacity against hackers. Secondly, both WiFi and Bluetooth have the ability to track your location, everyone can know your location easily. While the WiFi blocker can play an important role in helping eliminate the potential danger. This is why we need a WiFi Jammer and a Bluetooth Jammer.

Now people pay more attention to security and privacy and always want to find an effective way to prevent their privacy from being attacked or exposed. To meet these kinds of requirements, WiFi/Bluetooth signal jammer is the best choice and people can choose the WiFi/Bluetooth Jammers on their situation.

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