What is the use of vehicle GPS signal jammer

What is the use of vehicle GPS signal jammer

Car GPS jammer is very important to some customers. For example, the mortgage car unit temporarily obtains the control of the car after transferring the payment to the original owner. In order to better prevent the car from being quietly removed by the original owner, this type of unit will purchase a shield and place it in the parking garage where the car is placed. Assembling, assembling on the car, prevents the original owner from positioning the car, thus ensuring the safety of funds.

   Another situation, if you buy this type of mortgaged vehicle from a mortgaged vehicle unit, you will inevitably worry about the safety hazards after purchasing the car. Will someone else assemble a locator in the car? Will the car stop in the middle of the night and be driven back by others? Therefore, in order to better ensure the safety of funds, car buyers will also purchase exclusive signal jammers.

   Naturally, there are also other situations. For example, due to various reasons, you don’t want your own car to be accurately located by others and grasp the driving route. At this time, you can also use a signal blocker to maintain privacy.


The basic principle of the GPS signal jammer is to cut off the GPS frequency band data signal, so that the car is in the data signal blocking situation. The 2-antenna jammer has the following characteristics: 1. Reasonably and effectively interfere with the GPS and Beidou navigation satellite data signals to ensure Your personal privacy and information content are secret. 2. Small size, large output power, light weight, large coverage area, convenient to carry; 3. Only GPS and Beidou data signals are intercepted, and does not interfere with answering calls.

  Naturally, the 6-antenna, 8-antenna, and 9-antenna jammers are more powerful. In addition to intercepting GPS and Beidou data signals, they can also intercept 2G3G4G and wifi data signals, isolating data signals in all directions, and better ensuring the privacy of driving.

   If you buy a mortgage car, will the GPS signal jammer be turned on?

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