GPS jammer application

GPS jammer application

Nowadays, high-tech technologies are becoming more and more developed, so GPS data signals are becoming more and more accurate. In some cases, GPS data signals can facilitate people’s lives. For example, maps can use navigation functions, but in some cases GPS jammer can also be generated. For bad things, such as some special industries, there are also people with bad intentions.

1. Whether in the movie or in real life, criminals installed a GPS jammer to make a car with advanced positioning equipment "disappear" for no reason.


2. The principle of jammers. Since GPS data signals are the same as mobile signals, they are very susceptible to the influence of electronic components. Therefore, the machine equipment can invalidate the GPS locator within the specified electromagnetic wave band according to the wireless influence radio waves released, and produce the same electromagnetic environment as the equipment used. To achieve the purpose of blocking the data signal. At this stage, the main purpose is to shield the GPS satellite signals so that the data information cannot be submitted to the service platform, which makes the equipment offline and cannot be used normally.

3. The scope of use. It is understood that all the jammers with relatively large output power are installed privately, and the affected area is wide. It can shield the 2G, 3G and 4G networks of the three major operators at the same time. Mobile base stations within a diameter of 2 kilometers will be affected. User calls and Internet access are affected; besides, the GPS signal, which is a weaker signal, has been affected by China's Beidou data signal, making it impossible to navigate and locate the area. Once this kind of signal jammer is turned on, it will disturb the communication seriously and cause communication blind spots. Therefore, gps jammers must have their own principles, and don't affect other people's signals during use.

With the continuous updating of gps jammer equipment, jammers with low output power cannot be shielded. So if you need a good shielding effect, you need a good jammer.

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