What is the blocking range of a mobile phone signal jammer?

What is the blocking range of a mobile phone signal jammer?

The shielding range of mobile phone signal jammer is divided into four situations:

The first type: laboratory data. The shielding range of a low-power cell phone signal jammer is 0~50 meters, with an area of about 10~250 square meters (not a fixed value. The shielding effect is different depending on the distance between the place and the base station. The shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field. to decide). Low-power mobile phone signal jammers are small-range shielding products. They are only targeted at open areas and have weak wall penetration capabilities.

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The second type: There is no base station within 500 meters. One base station is enough for an examination room within 100 square meters. A lecture hall with a size of 200 to 300 square meters requires 2 to 3 stations. One base station is installed in a conference room within 100 square meters, and two stations are installed at 200 square meters. , four units are installed on an area of 600 square meters. Installing more than 3 units in an area will form a honeycomb shielding effect, complementing the blind spots.

The third type: When the magnetic field is weak, install one unit in 2.5 classrooms. If there are 10 classrooms in a row, it will be OK to install 3 units in the corridor; in addition, if the teaching building floor has double rows of classrooms, you will get the advantage, because the external The signal blocker for cell phone is an omnidirectional antenna that shields 360 degrees with the machine as the center. Three units are also installed in the aisle.

The fourth type: When the magnetic field is strong, there are base stations within 500 meters, there are base stations within 300 meters, there are base stations within 200 meters, there are base stations within 100 meters, and there are base stations on the roof. It all depends on the situation. The stronger the magnetic field, you need to install a mobile phone signal. The more points the shield will have.

Finally, everyone needs to pay attention to clearly understand their surrounding environment and the size of the place of use, and then decide on the number of mobile phone signal jammers to purchase.

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