How to install and use signal jammer?

How to install and use signal jammer?

Install using:

1. Make sure the antenna and other accessories of the jammer are installed correctly;

2. Ensure that the mobile base station is more than 200 meters away;

3. The shielding effect depends on the surrounding environment. The interference effect of mobile phones used in suburbs is better than that in cities, because the density of mobile base stations in cities is larger and the distance between base stations is closer, causing the signals emitted by urban mobile base stations (where the jammer needs to be blocked) to be stronger than in the suburbs. multiple times;

4. When using a jammer, there should not be any metal objects or wall obstructions around the antenna to block signal transmission;

5. The strong magnetic field of the signal and the strong electromagnetic wave environment will affect the interference effect;

6. The installation height of the signal jammer should be as high as possible and at the same level as the device you want to shield;

signal jammer

7. Long-term use of the shield will cause high heat and affect the interference radius;

8. When the phone is on a call, the jammer does not easily block the signal (the signal is very strong during the call);

9. The radio wave emitted by the shield is a high-energy material. It is normal for the high-energy material to accumulate and cause the machine to heat up;

10. The signal on the mobile phone indicates that there is a certain lag in the refresh of the grid. You may have turned on the jammer but the mobile phone still displays the signal condition, but in fact the mobile phone cannot be used. Please follow the actual effect;

11. To test the function of the GPS jammer, please download the GPS signal detection software to test the shielding effect, or turn on the car navigation function to test;

12. WIFI jammer devices with WIFI interference function will also block other appliances with WIFI, such as wireless microphones, speakers, monitors, etc. Please be careful to stay away from these wireless devices when using them.

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