What is a drone jamming countermeasure system?

What is a drone jamming countermeasure system?

The drone countermeasure system will counteract the "black flying" drone against it, and adopt effective technological means to make the drone fly reasonably according to the rules.

The UAV countermeasure system detects the target UAV, and accurately locates the UAV, and uses the technology of UAV signal jamming to counter UAV. There are many ways to detect drones, generally using radar, radio, photoelectric and other technologies. Regardless of whether there are obstacles or not, as long as the drone is in flight, the radio can detect whether there is a drone through the wireless signal frequency band. However, the radio cannot detect drones that fly silently. What is silent flight? Silent flight is generally a flight that uses navigation to set a route, so radar is needed for detection at this time. Provide positioning during UAV signal jamming. When the radio and radar find the UAV, the photoelectric tracking can be used for tracking and locking, which is used for day or night target detection, verification and tracking.

Wireless Remote Control Portable Drone Blocker GPS Frequency

At present, the frequency bands of UAVs in China are mostly 1.5G frequency bands, and some UAV frequency bands are not the same, so the drone jammer countermeasure system naturally needs to have multi-band signal jamming technology. Generally, UAV signal interference is used to effectively strike the UAV that has been located. The UAV countermeasure system transmits directional sound waves or radio frequency to the target UAV through UAV signal jamming technology, which interferes or cuts off the connection between the UAV and the remote control, thus forcing the UAV to land or drive away safely by itself. .

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