How do UAV defense systems implement UAV countermeasures?

How do UAV defense systems implement UAV countermeasures?

Drone defense systems are less prone to damaging or destroying drones. Its key principle is that the UAV interferes and blocks the flight control system and data signal transmission system of the UAV, so that the UAV can land vertically or return automatically.

Drone jammer counter firearm equipment, it is not only light, but also easy and portable for single operation. UAV anti-firearms have obvious targets, accurate blocking frequency, built-in large-capacity battery, can maintain long-term operation, can be easily picked up without being affected by the environment and terrain, and simple operation does not require strong professional ability.

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In some respects, using a drone defense system will be better than the experience of using a drone to counter firearms. The single station of the UAV defense system consists of a set of wireless communication detection subsystem, a set of optical detection and tracking subsystem, a set of wireless communication interference subsystem, one or several auxiliary environmental monitoring centers/interference stations and a set of monitoring System mobile phone software composition. The UAV defense system first automatically retrieves, discovers, identifies and measures illegally intruded UAVs based on the wireless communication detection subsystem. In addition, start the optical detection and tracking system to carry out electronic optical determination of the overall target, accurate positioning and locking and tracking. Finally, start the wireless communication interference subsystem, block the UAV's measurement and control and navigation data signals, and drive the UAV to land or return.

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