What are the types of signal jammers?

What are the types of signal jammers?

Signal jammers for sale are an indispensable part of our industrial production and can prevent information security problems from occurring at critical moments. If you want to fully understand signal jammers, you need to know what advantages and problems they have. Everyone also needs to have a detailed understanding of the product types of mobile phone signal jammers. Generally, the power supply methods of mobile phone signal jammers are divided into three types: loop power supply, independent power supply and input power supply.

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The independent power supply signal jammer is the most widely used type. It is mainly capable of transmitting high precision and convenient and fast wiring. It can protect the input, output center and switching power supply. However, you need to pay attention to equip the signal jammer with an independent power supply when using it.

The I/O of the loop-powered type is two-wire. This type is more suitable for binary smart transmitters. However, this type of signal jammer for phone has certain defects and the load of the same power supply, so it has certain specifications for the power circuits on both sides of the work. The voltage specification for both sides of the work must not exceed 6 volts. Therefore, according to this restriction, the working standard voltage of the signal jammer that distributes power to the binary smart transmitter will be reduced a lot.

Output, output circuit power supply type is more and more widely used in video surveillance systems in industrial production. This jammer functions relatively well. It moderates the advantages of both jammers mentioned above and bypasses their disadvantages in the design scheme. These two advantages are much stronger.

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